This 6 gallon oil drainer is perfect for the cars that can be drained from the dip stick tube. Comes complete with a set of different sizes of tubes that go into the dip stick.

  • Connect the correct size of tube to the removal tube connect the air line from your compressor and watch it drain your engine oil
    saves all the effort of removing sump guards covers and sump plugs
  • Waste oil is stored in the 6 gallon steel tank and discharged using air pressure for recycling or proper disposal.
  • Factory set air regulator and safety valve prevents over-pressurisation.
  • The 6 gallon oil drainer is designed to drain fluids from vehicles without any oil exit on the engine.
  • Tank has large rear wheels.
  • Air pressure 115-145 psi with safety valve
    Air consumption 7 CFM with safety valve
    Tank thickness 1.8 mm
    Release hose length 1.5 m
    Suction hose length 1.5 m
    Wheels back 5.9″

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 77 × 41 × 35 cm

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