Bevel brush with twisted wire.

Heavy duty bevel brush.
fits 115mm (41/2) grinder.
Great for removing underseal, light rust in preparation for welding or preparing for sealing or painting.

Bevel brush with twisted wires are used in various applications, such as metalworking, surface preparation, and cleaning.

It features a twisted wire configuration in combination with a beveled shape.

The twisted wire construction of the brush involves multiple wires twisted together to form bristles. This design increases the brush’s strength and durability while allowing for effective cleaning or surface treatment.

The beveled shape of the brush refers to its angled or sloping surface, typically used for accessing hard-to-reach areas or achieving specific surface finishes.

The bevel can be present on the outer edge of the brush, allowing it to reach corners or contours that a flat brush might struggle to access.



Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm