Spare stretcher jaws for the MW05 Shrinker/Stretcher.

For use in our MW05 shrinker/stretcher machine.

spare stretcher jaws for a shrinker/stretcher machine are replacement parts that are used to maintain or repair the machine. Shrinker/stretcher machines are commonly used in metalworking and fabrication processes to bend or shape metal sheets. These machines have two sets of jaws: shrinker jaws and stretcher jaws.

Over time, the jaws of a shrinker/stretcher machine can wear out or become damaged due to repeated use, especially when working with thicker or harder materials. In such cases, it’s essential to replace the damaged or worn-out jaws to ensure the machine’s continued functionality and accuracy.

This will quickly and easily pull into shape either steel up to 1.2mm [18g] or aluminium up to 2mm [14g].
Use it to fabricate repair panels anywhere on your car but especially those awkward areas around headlights, around the edges of window frames, door edges, rain channels, wheel arch rims etc.
With the Shrinker/Stretcher you don’t need to cut and weld in order to create curves in angled sections. Just simply shrink or stretch the metal into smooth even curvatures in a fraction of the time.


Regular maintenance of the jaws are crucial for keeping metalworking machinery in good working condition


Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm

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