The 1.5 ton mini tilting lift CL03 from CJ Auto’s will raise then tilt the car forward or backwards. This leaves a massive clearance at the front and rear. It works off an electric drill and comes complete with winding handle so it can be used anywhere. This lift is great for the home mechanic or hobbyist.

When repairing front wheel drives you can easily access suspensions and clutches as it leaves the area totally free from the lift.

You can easily remove all 4 wheels when using the 1.5 ton mini tilting lift. When locked off level you can easily carry out work on the brakes or suspension. The lift requires a 1050 watt drill to operate.

Why not check out the 2 ton version, the CL03-2 or the 3 ton version, CL03XX.


1500kg lifting capacity
Minimum height of 150 mm is needed
Maximum height when level is 585 mm
Saddle size : 80 cm x 15 cm
Width between the two platforms are 118.5 cm and 155.0 cm

Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 170 × 86 × 17 cm

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