220L sandblast cabinet with double doors and LED lighting.

Complete with gloves, gun nozzles.

Working compressor required – 14 cfm 90 psi.

  • Double door with LED lighting (brighter than the original tube lights).
  • Heavy steel construction.
  • Transparent glass viewing window.
  • Blast rust, corrosion and paint on large parts in a enclosed cabinet to keep dust off the floor and out of the air.
  • Abrasive media: silica sand, glass beads, silicon carbide, emery, plastic sand and more.
  • Includes, 2 blasting gloves, a blasting gun, 4 ceramic nozzles.
  • Power supply AC 220V-240V 50Hz.
  • Lighting 10W-12VDC.
  • Capacity 220L.
  • Operating pressure 40-80PSI @ 15-25CFM.
  • Working space 840 x 520 x 370 mm.
  • For delivery purposes this is cubed to 100 kg actual weight of cabinet is 54 kg.


Weight 51 kg
Dimensions 96 × 62 × 62 cm

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