English wheel Professional machine with 5 rolls.

Used in metalworking and automotive restoration for shaping and forming metal sheets into curved surfaces.

English wheels are commonly used for tasks like forming compound curves in body panels.

on cars, motorcycles, or aircraft. It allows craftsmen to create smooth and precise curves in sheet metal, giving a professional touch to their work.

Dimensions: approx 140 cm high, 80 cm wide and 100 cm deep.
Working height 1150 mm
Upper wheel diameter 198 mm.
The English wheel comes with 5 rolls to flatten and / or form.

Radii: 31,75 – 76.2 to 165.1 – 335.6 – 49.5
These rollers are fitted with sealed bearingss no maintenance.

They have different shapes and sizes, allowing the operator to create a variety of curves and contours. Having multiple rolls gives the operator the flexibility to work on different types of projects and achieve a wide range of shapes.

Using an English wheel requires skill and practice to achieve the desired results, as it involves carefully controlling the pressure and movement of the upper wheel against the metal sheet.

The English wheel machine is a valuable tool in metal shaping and is often used by skilled artisans, custom car builders, and restoration specialists to achieve high-quality results in their work.


Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 1100 × 1250 × 150 cm

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