The CM04 is a single heavy-duty dolly (steel wheels). It can be purchased singly, in pairs, or sets of four.
Just jack the car up, slide the dolly under the wheels and remove the jack.
Its so easy!

Capacity over 500kg each.
Wheel size 10″-20″.
Width of tyre 250 mm max.
Colour – dark blue.

Using the Heavy-Duty Dolly (Steel Wheels) can be helpful in various situations, such as when performing maintenance on a vehicle, rearranging a parking area, or even in automotive workshops where vehicles need to be moved around without starting their engines.

You could use one dolly to move an engine around the workshop.

Check out the other version – CM04A!


Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 63 × 40 × 11 cm

1 skate, 2 skates, 4 skates

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