These new super low hydraulic scissor type car ramps

Complete with removable ramp, this ramp is longer and more shallow only 12 degrees run on compare with the cr06x model at 23 degrees
run on ramp dimensions 500mm long x 340mm wide
foldable tyre stop when not in use for easy storage only 880mm x 350mm x 630mm
table size 590mm long x 340mm wide
capacity of 3000lbs (1360 kg) for a pair of ramps
min height 100mm
max height 475mm

These heavy duty scissor hydraulic car ramps have 4 locking heights
all lock off sizes are approxomate

max pumped up 460mm
4th lock off 430mm
3rd lock off 385mm
2nd lock off 320mm
1st lock off 240mm
drive on lowest 100mm


Please note :-Each Ramp Weighs 34Kg
so please take this into consideration when buying them total weight for a complete kit boxed is 100 kg


Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 95 × 53 × 38 cm
Car Ramps

1 Pair, 2 Pairs

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