Why struggle working on your bike on the floor? See our hydraulic 700mm wide motorcycle lift.

This hydraulic 700mm wide motorcycle lift comes with the new style clamp, which will enable you to ride a bike onto the lift and get off the bike safely without the bike falling over. With the platform being wider you can get off the bike with ease. Also great for any paddock stand.

  • A removable panel to assist with rear wheel removal.
  • A hinged ramp for easy loading & off-loading.
  • Foot pedal operated.
  • Height adjustment (with safety lock to prevent un-intentional lowering).
  • A sturdy locking clamp with rubber pads for securing the motorcycle front wheel.

The MB03C is exceptionally easy to use and is a must have for those who work on motorcycles on a regular basis. Convenient, durable, safe and easy to use, the MB03C represents excellent value for money.

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Weight 143 kg
Dimensions 222 × 75 × 25 cm

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