Manual Hydraulic Log Splitter MLS12

Say goodbye to the days of struggling with stubborn logs. Our log splitter delivers an impressive 12 tonnes of splitting force, effortlessly breaking down even the toughest timber.

No Electricity Required: Forget about hunting for power outlets or dealing with cords and cables. Our hydraulic log splitter operates independently, making it perfect for use in remote locations or off-the-grid situations.

Horizontal Operation: Experience enhanced stability and safety as this log splitter operates in a horizontal position. Maintain a secure grip on the wood while the machine does the hard work.

Manual Hydraulic Log Splitter

  • Max. Splitting Force: With a maximum splitting force of 12 tons, effortlessly split logs for firewood with ease.
  • Max. Log Length: Accommodates logs up to 18 inches (457mm) in length, providing versatility for various log sizes.
  • Ram Stroke: Features a ram stroke of 7.87 inches (200mm), ensuring efficient splitting with each stroke.
  • Net/Gross Weight: Weighing 87/90 lbs (39.5/41 kgs), this log splitter strikes the perfect balance between durability and portability.


Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 113 × 25 × 31 cm