Our motorbike lift table is a scissor support stand and is suitable for use either on a motorcycle lift or on the floor.
Do you struggle sometimes to lift the bike onto the centre stand. ?
Then use our platform motorbike lift table on the floor or even on one of our large motorcycle lift like our MB03 range. This will enable you to keep the bike upright and sturdy so you can remove the wheels.
The lift has 2 black pillars which adjust across the whole top of the platform and wind up and down. Sometimes the exhaust can get in the way while working or maintaining your bike. Well this is an ideal piece or equipment to overcome that problem.
You can also remove the adjusting pads and use the lift as a flat platform.

Operating range height: 9 cm
Max height: 40 cm
Capacity 500 kg
Comes complete with wind socket.

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 56 × 37 × 12 cm

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