Visbella headlight restoration kit is designed to eliminate the worst cases of  degradation, yellowing, oxidation, and scratches from your headlights. The kit includes everything needed to restore the cloudiest or sun damaged lenses. It produces great results on most plastic lenses such as tail lights, trailers, helmet visors, motorcycle windscreens and more. Produce professional results with this easy-to-use kit at a fraction of the cost.

Kit Containt:

2x P800 Sanding Discs
2x P1200 Sanding Discs
2x P2000 Sanding Discs
1x Sponge Disc
2x 40gm Polish Paste
2x 3.0ml Protect Liquid
1x Mask Tape (300x2cm)
1x Backer Pad M10 Thread
1x Adaptor
1x Sponge Disc White


Visbella headlight restoration kit

1.Restoration of Headlight Clarity: The kit is specifically formulated to address the common issues that headlights         face over time, such as yellowing, hazing, or cloudiness. It aims to restore the clarity and transparency of the      b         headlights, enhancing their performance and aesthetics.

  1. Elimination of Oxidation and Scratches: The Visbella Headlight Restoration Kit helps to remove oxidation and surface scratches that can impact the overall appearance and functionality of the headlights. It works to smooth out the surface and reduce the visibility of imperfections.
  2. Comprehensive Restoration Solution: The kit typically includes various components and materials needed for the restoration process. This may include cleaning solutions, sandpaper or abrasive pads, a polishing compound, and a protective coating or sealant. These components work together to provide a comprehensive restoration solution.
  3. Easy-to-Use: The Visbella Headlight Restoration Kit is designed to be user-friendly and accessible for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. The included instructions and step-by-step guides help users navigate the restoration process easily.
  4. Cost-Effective Alternative: Restoring headlights using a kit like this can be a more cost-effective solution compared to replacing the entire headlight assembly. It allows for significant savings while improving the overall appearance and performance of the headlights.
  5. Increased Safety: By restoring clarity to the headlights, the kit helps to improve visibility while driving at night or in low-light conditions. This can enhance safety on the road by ensuring better illumination and visibility of the vehicle.
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 10 × 10 cm