You can use the new air over hydraulic car lift both indoor and outdoors, and also in spray booths. It is mobile with wheels fitted and the design of this lift means it leaves loads of areas free that other lifts encroach on.

The middle section is in the shape of the letter “C”. It leaves more access areas to take exhausts, handbrake cables, and pipes etc off with ease.

This lift will take up to 2500 kg with the use of a compressor of around 7 bar to operate. It has 6 different locking positions, then you can remove the air line. The air over hydraulic car lift unit has no electrics fitted to it.

Approx size of lift 8 x 4 with a min height of 120 mm. Easy to drive over and a max height of over 1000 mm from the bottom of the wheels. The lifting arms are fully adjustable as fitted to commercial lifts to get the correct position for lifting the car — (other lifts have just blocks).

Check out the electric version here – CL02X


Air over hydraulic car lift CL02

  • 6 locking positions
  • Max lift height: 1060mm
  • Max lift weight: 2.5 Tonnes
  • Four adjustable saddles with rubber pads
  • Air/hydraulic pulse pump operating system
Weight 240 kg
Dimensions 260 × 110 × 60 cm