Caliper Wind Back Tool

1.  Air Powered Brake Piston Caliper Wind Back Tool can be used to.

press the brake pistons of various models press the brake pistons of various models.

press back the brake piston.

adjust the brake pump.

replace the brake pads, etc.

2. High-quality and Durable.

These wind back tools are made of high-quality alloys, and the surface of the products are treated by electroplating.

Thus making your product not only rust proof but also corrosion resistant as well.

3. Pneumatic Tool.

The pneumatic brake caliper features the adjustable pneumatic movable slider, so facilitates adjustment of orientation

4. Durable Alloy.

The air operated piston wind back tool has good air tightness, large working thrust, which saves time and effort, and it greatly improves work efficiency.


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 19 × 8 cm