The Portable 10 ton porta power kit is ideal for a variety of body frame repairs and construction jobs. It has a loaded rate capacity of 10-Ton. Therefore it can be used for lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, aligning, straightening and spreading with ease. The hydraulic 10 ton porta power includes a full range of additional accessories and attachments. Therefore this can be used to pop dents out from metal doors and panels, from even the smallest and tightest areas.

  • Powerful hydraulic ram pump with rated load capacity of 10-Ton
  • Heavy-duty metal construction for longer-lasting durability
  • Portable equipment kit requires no electric power source
  • Cushion grip pump handles for better leverage and easy pump action
  • Interlocking snap-lock extension tubes – 4 in., 8 in., 12 in., 22 in.
  • Ideal tool for a variety of auto body, frame repair and construction jobs
  • Includes:
    • 10T ram
    • spreader ram
    • flat base
    • wedge head
    • spreader plunger toe
    • flex head
    • serrated saddle
    • male connector
    • 90-Volt base
    • jack hose.

Also see our 4 ton version – GT02A.


Including a portable durable tool case for easy transport.
Convenient to carry/ bring it anywhere the work requires.
When not in use, put them back to the case easily to save space.

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 93 × 39 × 17 cm

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