Porta power pull back ram.
This ram has a 10 Ton Maximum ram capacity. It has rugged forged steel swivel hooks with a 5″ pulling distance. This is a hydraulic ram that hooks right up to a 10 ton hydraulic pump, like the 10 ton porta power pump. This ram is perfect for body work on trucks, tractors, and heavy equipment. These units are made for bending, straightening, and pulling items. Use for auto/truck body work, farm, construction equipment, old home and barn restorations and a lot more.

The Porta power pull back ram is a hydraulic cylinder that can be extended and retracted using hydraulic pressure. It is designed to provide controlled force for tasks such as pulling, pushing, lifting, and bending. The “pull back” feature means that the ram can be retracted, allowing for easy adjustment and positioning.

The Porta Power unit has a hydraulic pump that generates hydraulic pressure when activated. This pump is often operated manually. The hydraulic pump is connected to the pull back ram via hydraulic hoses. These hoses allow the transmission of hydraulic fluid between the pump and the ram. The pull back ram is attached to the end of the hydraulic hoses. It can be placed in different positions and orientations depending on the specific task. When hydraulic pressure is applied, the ram extends, exerting force on the object it is in contact with. The pull back ram is commonly used for tasks such as pulling dents from vehicle panels, pushing or pulling apart components, or providing support during repairs. The pull back feature allows the ram to be retracted, either for repositioning or to release the force applied. This controlled retraction is crucial for precision and safety.




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Porta power pull back for use with 10 ton porta power kits.
ram size 440mm to 310mm

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 93 × 39 × 17 cm

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