Plastic sheet metal hammer

Plastic Bossing Mallets –
The heads of these mallets are made from plastic material and are known for their extreme durability.
These mallets have the capability to deliver high impact for shaping different materials.
One of the best properties of these mallets is that they are extremely resistant to abrasives.
And they have an excellent resistance to most of the chemicals.

This is specialized hammer used in metalworking where you need to shape, form, or repair metal surfaces.

Here are some key features and uses of a plastic sheet metal hammer:

The primary advantage of a plastic hammer is that it won’t mar or leave visible marks on the metal surface you’re working on. This is crucial for jobs where the appearance of the metal is important.

These hammers are useful for general maintenance and repair work, such as fixing dented metal cabinets or appliances without marring their surfaces.

In summary, a plastic hammer is a valuable tool in situations where you need to work on metal surfaces delicately, ensuring that you don’t damage or mark the material. Its versatility and non-marring properties make it a preferred choice in various industries and applications.




There are a number of applications, which require bossing mallet sets.
Here are some of the most common application areas of these types of mallets:

Metal fabrication facilities
Body shops
Aircraft mechanics and maintenance
Marine mechanics
Watercraft mechanics

The Plastic sheet metal hammer is a hand tool in wood and metal shaping applications.
They have the capability to deliver good quality end products.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm