Powder coating machine

Powder coating machine

1, power coating system provides a premium coating ideal for many automotive,

marine, home and garden applications.

2, the powder coating system is a breakthrough refinishing system for the home

hobbyist providing professional performance at a fraction of the cost of professional


3, it produces a finish that is resistant to most chemicals, fuels, acids, thinners,

brake fluid, uv light, and is much more durable than liquid coatings (up to ten times

more durable than ordinary paint).

4, powder coating is environmentally friendly! It produces no toxic wastes and

uses no solvents.

5, with the powder, blow it off with compressed air and re-coat.

cured powder coating can be re-coated with powder and baked or touched up with paint.

6, you can operate it without special training


power voltage: 240 vac 50 hz

amps: 0.03a

voltage output: 25 kv+/-5 kv

require air supply: 10-15 psi, dry air 5 cfm

watts: 3.3w

power cord: 16 awg

air inlet: 1/4” npt thread



Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 86 × 44 × 26 cm

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