Single shrinker/stretcher foot operated MW05C

Produce curves as tight as 3″ radius.
Works mild steel up to 18 gauge, and aluminum up to 16 gauge.

Foot operated floor standing dual acting shrinker stretcher combination for sheet metal forming.

Shrinker stretchers are without doubt one of the most versatile metal shaping tools you can buy.

This metal shrinker / stretcher combination is great for making smooth radius bends in sheet metal.

Reproduce just about anything with a curved edge.

Great for creating trim flanges, door edges, channels, wheel arch rims in flat or right angled sections.

shrinking jaws are used to make internal curves or to pull down edges of a panel.

stretching jaws are used to make external curves or to raise the edges of a panel.

This model excels over most other shrinker stretchers  in the way its arms operate independently. On most other shrinkers only the top arm moves and the downwards action of the top jaw presses on the bottom jaws to move them inwards or outwards.

On this model both the upper and lower arms move giving a lighter action and more accurate operation and feel.

The oval jaws help prevent corner marking on tight radii panels and the captive design means they can be changed with 1 turn of a cap head bolt. Foot operation produces a massive increase in power over hand lever operation and leaves both hands free to manoeuvre the work piece.

Spare jaw cassettes are available upon request if required but if used correctly they should last years of service. A more course set of teeth are available for aluminium and require less cleaning if required although the standard sets will shrink or stretch aluminium with less marring.


Single shrinker/stretcher foot operated


Single shrinker/stretcher foot operated


Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 103 × 43 × 17 cm

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