Protector Tyre savers OE02 are supposed to deform elastically under the vehicle´s pressure.

However, if the vehicle is left standing for a longer time this may lead to deformation in such a way that a sort of base plate is formed.
This holds true especially for sports cars and luxury vehicles . It is because the tyre is loaded by the car´s weight permanently on the same place which causes a so-called base plate. And this in turn may cause an out-of-balance and damage on the tyre. Finally, this has an impact on the steering.

Owners of caravans, classic cars and sports cars are well aware of this kind of problem. It is because vehicles like the aforementioned are generally driven only in summertime whereas during autumn and in the winter season they remain in the garage. If you want to prevent such a deformation on the tyre you should place a tyre protector in front of and behind each tyre respectively. Now you slowly move the vehicle back or forth onto the protector until it comes to a stand on the tyre cradle.

Protector Tyre savers.




Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 21 × 7 cm
Tyre savers

1 pair, 2 pairs