Pry bar removal tool for lower wishbone and ball joints.

simple operation – place the bar on the chassis + lower arm lever down. Removes the ball joint without damage to the covers.

  1. Safety First:
  2. Ensure the vehicle is properly supported on jack stands, and use appropriate personal protective equipment.
  3. Loosening Fasteners:
  4. loosen any bolts that are securing the lower wishbone or ball joint to the suspension or steering system. This might involve removing nuts or bolts that hold the components in place.
  5. Pry Bar Placement:
  6. Insert the pry bar between the lower wishbone or ball joint and the surrounding components. The goal is to apply force to separate these parts.
  7. Applying Force:
  8. Gently apply force to the pry bar, directing it in a way that helps separate the components. The pry bar acts as a lever, using mechanical advantage to dislodge the parts.
  9. Controlled Force:
  10. It’s important to apply force gradually and evenly, avoiding sudden jerks that could cause damage to the components or other parts of the vehicle.
  11. Alternate Sides:
  12. If possible, alternate the placement of the pry bar to apply force from different angles. This can help in evenly distributing the pressure and making the separation easier.


Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 200 × 50 × 30 cm

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