Aluminium cleaner ALC1
Aluminium cleaner and descaler.
Industrial strength: an effective cleaner for fast removal of brake dust, oxidation and chemical corrosion on aluminium and alloy wheels.
Equally effective on steel wheels and plastic wheel trims.


May be used concentrated or diluted with up to 5 parts of water.
Brush the solution onto the surface thoroughly agitating, starting at the bottom.
Allow up to 10 minutes for the product to remove all soiling.
Rinse off with water ( for stubborn tarnishing, contact time may be safely increased or product may be used in hot water).
This professional product will treat heavy duty oxidation but will not entirely remove deep pit marks where degree of oxidation is severe.
NOTE: THIS IS AN ACIDIC PRODUCT. Do not use on aircraft.
Do not use on magnesium alloy wheels or on wheels that have been finished with a decorative anodised effect.
If in doubt seek manufacturer’s advice. Keep off paintwork and never allow product to dry on.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

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