Optional wide 5 adaptors (CT01-W5) designed by cj autos for use with our basic car roller. We specifically make these adaptors to accommodate older cars.

Including Porsche and VW camper vans, that have wide 5 stud patterns. Wide 5 refers to a wheel bolt pattern commonly found on vintage Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles.

These adaptors allow car enthusiasts to customize their vehicles with wheels of their choice, even if those wheels have a different bolt pattern.

If you have any specific questions about these adaptors or if you need further assistance, please feel free to ask!

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basic  car roller  

Optional Wide 5 Adaptors

we also manufacture 3 stud pattern, 4 stud pattern,5 stud pattern and  knock on adaptors for all your restoration projects. Theres no reason for you not to restore any of your classic cars now that we have made it pleasurable to work  on them. So get Restoring those classic cars, You can do it and we need to see them on the roads.


Made for all the older cars porsche and vw camper vans with the wide 5 stud patterns

Weight 8 kg

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