The Car Rotisserie With Castors 2000lbs is a restoration kit that is designed to make restoring any vehicle a simple and easy task. The rotisserie will also lower down to most bumper heights allowing you the capability to lift the body of the vehicle to any height. Whether you are an owner of a large restoration shop or simply a home hobbyist, this will provide an efficient and affordable way for anyone to restore old classics of every day cars.

Comes complete with wheel stabilisers and standard mounting beams. You will need to make your own attachments to suit the vehicle you are working on with angle iron or box section.

Car Rotisserie With Castors 2000lbs or 900kg
The rotisserie has adjustments to alter the centre of gravity.
This is the standard model with solid wheels suitable for hard surfaces.
Dimensions are: 1.6m – 4.6m between post.
1.24m swing to bottom rail.
900kg lifting capacity.
Solid 3.5mm gauge tube.
Easy to fine tune adjustments for balance.
Solid construction.
Powder coated finish.
Max twist radius : 1240mm.
Max length (adjustable) : 6m.

Why not check out the other versions – the CT06B and the CT06C?

– Capacity of each unit = 450 kg (total 900 kg)
– Max opening between the units = 6 m
– 360° positioning

– Adjustable height, width

– Centering of gravity by easy wind handle

– 2 Hydraulic rams for highering of load

– Square tubes 6×6 ; 5×5 ; 4×4 cm

– 6 Swivel wheels

– 2 Spring loaded positioning pins to fix into 10 position safety lock

– Total weight: 154 kg


Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 100 × 120 × 162 cm

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