The AutoVip 1700 model is a cradle-frame, which can be fitted quickly and easily to the wheel hubs of any car.  The frame is tipped over to allow the user to work on the under body of the vehicle, while standing upright in perfect safety.

With The AutoVip 1700 model a car can be turned in under 3 metres – place two smooth plates under the frame, then slide the car across. A car with knock on wheels can be turned by using adaptor beams which can be purchased as an optional extra. Min. width required 2.6m, 8ft.6ins. Height 2m,6ft.6ins
The car can be turned with wheels ON or OFF
It can be turned even without axles

Fully adjustable.
•Greatly improved working position
•Unrestricted access to the under body
•No standing under the vehicle
•No dirt in face and eyes while cleaning or rustproofing
•Reduced risk of welding burns
•Work in far better light
This gives the mechanic, the car enthusiast and the DIY motorist the opportunity to:
•Rustproof the underside.
•Do steel plate work
•Control/weld/repair mechanical parts such as suspension, shock absorbers, brake pipes, etc.
•Change or repair exhaust systems

Mounting the AutoVip onto a car

1: Jack up the car, remove all wheels and attach the AutoVip frame to each hub with the universal adapters.
2: As the car’s centre of gravity is over the curved section of the roller, only the slightest lift will set it rolling. For most cars, you’ll be able to do this alone
3: The stay bar is ratcheted, which allows fine angle adjustment.

The AutoVip is manufactured exclusively in the UK by CJ Autos.

Check out the official website here –


ct023 wheel kit
our new product makes the auto vip mobile. 
A complete wheel kit to enable you to move the car into a single garage whilst turned over to approx 90 degrees.
if you have bought our auto vip then its a simple setup to attach the wheel kit.

Adaptor Beams can be purchased which enable the AutoVip car roller to turn a vehicle , with or without axles and suspension, by bolting the beams to either bumper mounting or chassis.

why not look at our new product —-door aperture retainer item code mw15
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also :-

Weight 114 kg

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