The CJ Basic car tilter 4 & 5 stud puts the car on its side and lets you work standing upright.

It takes less than fifteen minutes to assemble and turn the car, just raise one side of the car up remove the front and rear wheel, bolt the correct hub plates on the hub slide the holding pins through the frame to the hub plate,lower jack .attach safety bar then its ready to roll.
Also remove the battery and keep the fluids low or drained.
Tip it with the petrol neck at the top
A car can be turned by one person using an engine hoist or block and tackle.

MAX WEIGHT 2 1/2 TON (2500 KG. )
Basic car tilter 4 & 5 stud Suitable for use with 4 and 5 stud wheels.

optional extras for cars with 3 stud, wide 5 vw porsche and knock ons


Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 170 × 14 × 5 cm

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