This mini tall axle stand, will enable you to put them under your car for extra safety. The tall jack stands are used to support a portion of the vehicle or the entire vehicle. Axle stands provide a solid mechanical support that does not rely on hydraulic pressure to hold the car up. These axle stands are adjustable in height.
They have a lifting capacity of 2000kg and a maximum height of 1950mm. So when you need extra height this is the jack stand for you.

Please note in the brochure it does say min 62cm to max 108 cm this is incorrect it is min 82cm to max 118cm.


Mini tall axle stands will enable you to put these under your car for extra safety and security when using any car lift.



Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 118 × 16 × 9 cm
Axle stands

1 Stand, 2 Stands

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