1000LBS ENGINE STAND WS02A – The engine stand is loadable up to a weight of 450 kg and ideal for working on engines or gears.
Enables you easy access different parts of the engine.

One of the notable features of this engine stand is its multi-option locking angle mechanism. This means that you can securely lock the engine or gear in various positions, allowing for easy access and convenient work angles. Whether you need to rotate, tilt, or position the engine for maintenance, repair, or assembly, the adjustable locking angle feature provides flexibility and stability.

The heavy-duty construction of the engine stand ensures its durability and stability during use, providing a safe and reliable platform for working on engines or gears. With its high weight capacity and versatile locking angle options, the WS02A engine stand is an excellent choice for mechanics, automotive enthusiasts, or anyone working with engines or gears.


he WS02A engine stand is equipped with two fixed wheels and two castors, making it easy to move and position the stand as needed. This mobility allows for greater convenience and flexibility in the workshop or garage.

The center height of the stand is 800mm (80cm), providing a comfortable working height for engine maintenance and repair tasks. This height ensures easy access to the engine while working and reduces strain on the user.

The engine mounting support of the stand offers a wide range of adjustments and adaptation possibilities. This versatility allows you to securely mount and position engines of various sizes and configurations, ensuring a high degree of flexibility and security during your work.

With the ability to rotate the engine stand 360Ā° while working, you can access even the most challenging areas of the engine. This feature enables you to perform thorough inspections, repairs, or installations without the need for repositioning the engine or the stand.

The four installation points on the engine stand can be easily adjusted in terms of angle and distance. This adjustability ensures a universal fit for any engine type or model, accommodating different mounting hole patterns and sizes. The presence of four steel rollers ensures a stable position for the engine stand and allows for smooth movement and maneuverability of the entire construction.

Overall, the WS02A engine stand provides convenience, flexibility, and safety features to enhance your engine work experience and improve productivity in the workshop.

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 86 × 19 × 19 cm

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