12″ RATCHET Wheel Skate (nylon Rollers) CM02R

This skate has vehicle positioning jacks for quickly and easily lifting a vehicle from the wheel only without touching the frame. When used as a set of four, the heavy duty steel construction and large caster wheels will place a vehicle on a 360° rolling platform allowing the jack to move even heavy vehicles in any direction. Positioning Flexibility: The ratchet mechanism allows for precise positioning of the vehicle in tight spaces or narrow aisles. This flexibility makes it easier to maneuver vehicles within limited areas without the need for manual lifting.

12″ RATCHET Wheel Skate

Specifications (per skate):
Lifting Capacity – 568kg
Maximum Opening – 625mm
Maximum Tyre Profile – 300mm
Caster Wheel Diameter – 100mm
Weight of one Skate – 17kg


Ratchet Mechanism: The “ratchet” feature in the skate allows for secure locking of the wheel in place. This is essential for safety and stability when moving or storing car wheels.

Mobility: The wheel skate is equipped with swivel casters, often with 360-degree rotation capability. This makes it easy to move and position car wheels within a workshop or garage, even in tight spaces.

Convenience: Using wheel skates can reduce the physical effort required to move heavy car wheels, making it easier for mechanics and technicians to perform their tasks efficiently.

Time-Saving: These tools can save time in automotive workshops by allowing for quick and easy positioning and transportation of car wheels.

Space Optimization: Wheel skates can help maximize the available space in a garage or workshop by allowing cars to be neatly stored in designated areas.

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12″ RATCHET Wheel Skate


Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 65 × 20 × 19 cm

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